Crysis - The Story 2

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Set in 2019, you play as Jake Dunn, a United States Delta Force operator. Dunn and his team are sent to pacify a situation in which a group of United States archaeologists are taken captive by the North Korean military while investigating a mysterious ancient artifact that was found in the Spratly Islands, located in the South China Sea.

As the story unfolds, players are faced with three very different environments (or "acts"):

Act 1: An ancient artifact on the islands begins to show signs of activity, causing the North Koreans to take up military presence and investigate the artifact site. As a Delta Force soldier, you HALO jump onto the island to see what you can find out for the US Government. During this phase of the game, you'll play in a tropical environment complete with beaches, jungles and tropical villages.

Crysis CryTek - The island as seen from HALO jump in the beginning of the game

Act 2: The meteor opens up and flash freezes a large part of the island. There is no clear alien threat, however, so both parties continue to fight each other. The player's main objective is now to investigate what's happening on the interior of this frozen sphere. Shortly after, both the North Korean and US governments come to the realization that this meteor is actually an alien craft, and therefore decide to join forces to fight what could become an alien invasion. This phase consists of battling through the frozen jungle as well as on your own aircraft carriers, which are located off the coast. The aliens, not yet revealed in the story, use machines to battle against the North Korean and US militaries, which are slowly closing in on the source of the freezing – an alien ship lodged in the earth's surface. The constantly expanding freezing sphere throws the global weather system off balance and causes natural disasters which include high winds, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

Act 3: As you enter the alien craft, you find yourself not only weightless, but fighting against the aliens in this gravity-resistant environment. The recoil of weapons combined with the Zero-G environment propels players back while leaving shell casings from weapons floating beside you. The Zero-G portion of the game will only last about 1 hour, however. Crytek has stated the aliens themselves will not be revealed until this part of the game, giving them a certain degree of suspense.

Crysis - The Gameplay

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An immersive story that puts you the player in the pivotal role to repel an alien invasion and save mankind.

A unique three-act structure that forces the player to use real-time armor and weapons customization to adapt to an ever changing dynamic world.

Encounter a compelling, frightening and totally original alien species that uses its senses intelligently and work in combination with each other to present players with the most challenging opponents yet in an FPS.

Crysis CryTek - Screenshots
Enemy and ally AI utilise real-world military tactics.

Take control of a wide variety of land, sea and air vehicles including trucks, tanks, boats and helicopters.

Crysis CryTek - Screenshots
Crysis CryTek - Screenshots
Crysis CryTek - Screenshots
Explore a living, dynamic world where earthquakes, breaking ice, landslides, and tornados pose a real and an ever-present danger.

32-player Multiplayer with real-time armour and weapons customization and an all new mode that combines player modification and tactical objectives.

Emergent gameplay; actions taken in the game affect future outcomes giving each player a unique experience.

Highly robust and easy to use mod toolset allow players to create their own expansive levels with game modes for both multiplayer and single player.

The most realistic environments, spectacular special effects, physics game engine, lighting system and enemy AI through CryENGINE™ 2.

Crysis - The Story

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Earth, 2019: On a remote island, an US science team makes a frightening discovery.

Crysis Crytek - A Remote Island

The North Korean Government quickly seals off the island chain. Contact with the science team is lost.

The United States responds by dispatching an elite team of Delta Force Operators to recon the situation and report back to the Pentagon.

Amid rising tensions between the US and North Koreans, a massive, 2km high alien ship is revealed in the middle of the island. The ship generates an immense force sphere, freezing a vast portion of the island and drastically altering the global weather system.

Crysis CryTek - Allied Froces Fight Against the Marauding Aliens on the Island Frozen by Alien Ship

The newly formed alliance fights epic battles against the marauding Aliens. With hope rapidly fading, the player must fight through lush tropical jungle, harsh frozen landscapes, and finally into the heart of the alien ship itself for the ultimate Zero G encounter with the aliens.